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Need a dope Wallpaper? You're in the right place. People from all over the world can discover and share wallpapers here at Wallions. We want to see many more beautiful wallpapers from everybody so we invite you to join the community and see what can you discover and share.


You can use any and all images on wallions as a wallpaper for your devices. Please refer to our copyright and terms for using images for anything other than a wallpaper for your device.


By creating an account you immediately have access to many benefits. Here are just a few perks; Uploading, Favorites, Commenting, Notifications, and much more.


We have many people from all around the world sharing many wonderful wallpapers. We encourage everyone to sign up and share wonderful wallpapers and help others discover great wallpapers. You can also see what others are posting and favoriting by viewing others profiles.


Here at Wallions we also promote music and we are always on the lookout for artists with incredible talent. If you're interested in the music we promote, you can view our music section or you can find us on YouTube or Soundcloud.