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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wallions?

Wallions is where you come to find and share the best wallpapers for your device.

Can I search by resolution or ratio?

Of course! You can search by both resolution or ratio. You can follow the examples below on how to search by resolution or ratio.

Why is searching by resolution or by ratio different?

Searching by resolution or ratio is a little bit different because most people don’t care to search by resolution or ratio since we enforce such strict quality standards. But for the few that do care, we do have that available.

How does uploading and categorization work?

We use advanced machine learning to properly categorize and tag images. Machine learning plays a large part here at Wallions to help identify each image individually and properly identify it and verify if images are safe to share.

Why is there no desktop app?

No point for a desktop app at this time. Mobile usage is very different from desktop usage. There would be no significant benefit for a desktop app.

My account was restricted from uploading. Now what?

If your account was restricted from uploading that means you shared an image that breaks our Terms & Conditions or Quality Standards. If you believe this was a mistake then feel free to contact us at:

Why is only PNG, JPG, and JPEG allowed?

We only accept these file types because they are the most commonly used formats across all devices. We might accept other formats in the future such as HEIF depending on the popularity and growth.