Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wallions?

Wallions is where you discover and share the best wallpapers. Finding great quality wallpapers can be difficult and now we’ve fixed that. You’re welcome lol 😂

What does the name “Wallions” mean?

The name Wallions was born by combining a set of words from the mission created by our founders. The mission was to create a place where all the billions of people worldwide can discover and share beautiful high quality wallpapers in a way that has never been done before. Wallions was formed by combining the two words “wallpapers” and “billions”. The founders took the “wall” from wallpapers and “ions” from billions to form Wallions.

Can I search by resolution or ratio?

Of course! You can search by both resolution or ratio. You can follow the examples below on how to search by resolution or ratio.

  • Search by resolution:
  • Search by ratio:

Why is searching by resolution or by ratio different?

Searching by resolution or ratio is a little different because most people don’t care to search by resolution or ratio since we enforce such strict quality guidelines. But for the few that do care, we do have that available.

How is uploading so easy?

We do our best to create a superior user experience. Uploading shouldn’t be a task or something to dread. It should be quick and easy. That is why we use smart AI and advanced machine learning to properly identify each image individually and make sure they are safe to be shared. Each image is carefully inspected and categorized by our smart AI.

Why is my account restricted from uploading?

In the event of your account being restricted from uploading that usually means you have shared wallpapers that were against the Wallions Terms and or Quality Guidelines therefore you are no longer allowed to upload anymore. If you believe this was a mistake please contact us and we’ll do our best to resolve the situation.

Why are only PNGs and JPGs/JPEGs allowed?

At this time we only accept these formats because they are the most commonly used formats across all devices. Eventually we will support more formats as they become more standardized. We don’t want anyone to feel left out because we choose to go with a different format which someone might not have access to. Like this everyone is covered and able to access everything.