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Legacy support

If you’re one of the few people still using Internet Explorer, older versions of Microsoft Edge, or other legacy browsers then you might have noticed things might not fully display properly. You can still access and use our web app from those browsers however you might not have the best experience. Why is that? Simply put we do not support old standards that Internet Explorer and other legacy browsers use. We focus on integrating and supporting the best modern practices that will create a superior experience. Most devices used today that have access to our web app are more than capable of running modern up-to-date browsers which fully support our technology.

Restricted uploading

You are no longer able to share wallpapers because your account has been restricted due to either violating the Terms and or Quality Guidelines of Wallions. If you feel like this was a mistake then please contact us and we'll do our best to resolve the situation.

No longer able to comment

Violating the Terms and or Community Guidelines set in place by Wallions will result in losing your ability to leave comments on posts. If you feel like this was a mistake then please contact us and we’ll do our best in resolving the situation.

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If you are having issues verifying your account then please contact us immediately and we'll help you get your account up and running in no time.


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We are working on building tools for advertisers that will help reach the most users without negatively affecting user experience and still be effective and pleasant.

API & Developers

Currently we do not allow public or private access to our API.