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Our Music service is currently powered by YouTube. We share and promote beautiful music by many artists of many genres. Our mission is to help people discover wonderful music and help fans build a connection between the artist and themselves.


We do accept submissions. If you are a artist or if you’re contacting us on behalf of the artist please include a link to your track or attach the audio file to the email. Also please include all social media links of the artist(s) and all information regarding the track and the artist(s). We do not guarantee that your submission will be promoted. We look forward to receiving your submissions!


We honor and respect all copyright cases and we comply to all copyright cases. If you are a artist, label, manager, or other (on behalf of artist) please contact us and we will remove all copyright material regarding your work. Please include link(s) to what you would like removed.


Currently, we only use YouTube as our only platform for distributing music. YouTube has a vast amount of people visiting from day to day. Therefore we share and promote on YouTube to help people discover new songs, artists, and genres. We do not promote any other platforms other than YouTube. No music is ever stored on “” or any Wallions servers to reduce copyright cases.


If you have any questions, concerns, issues, or other, you can contact us using the form at the link below.