Privacy Policy


At Wallions we value privacy incredibly and want to be transparent with users of our service. We collect some information regarding personal information such as emails, names, and other information. By accessing wallions you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. We may change our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions at anytime with or without notice.

If you do not approve or wish to comply by our Privacy policy and Terms & Conditions then do not access or use our service.


We are here to protect your information as best as possible. We are always improving our security and do our best to be as clear as we can to ensure your information in not being misused. We do our best to protect our users. If any government requests information regarding you, we will inform you immediately. If a breach happens, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Examination and Curation

We may examine your data, usage, and personal information to better your experience. We may look at one's information and start suggesting content similar to what the user once searched for or might be viewing.

We may also track information regarding time spent on pages to see what is popular is what might be of interest to others. This data is also used for research and product development. New features and sub-products might be created depending on this information.

Collected Data and Cookies

We may collect information such as usage time, viewed pages, and IP for security and curated content for better user experience and engagement. We may also use other third-party tools that may better the experience and quality of Wallions.

While using our service, we may have asked you to provide legitimate information regarding your identity that can be used to contact you and identify you correctly. This is not limited to only Email and Name. We may also contain all activity, changes, communication, requests, and more on our service.

We also may store and collect cookies to form a more seamless and better experience for users. Cookies that we output are non-harming. You can choose in your browser settings to disable cookies but this might affect your experience. We highly recommend you leave cookies enabled to simply have a better experience.

International Transfer and Use

Your information may be transferred and maintained on servers located outside of you jurisdiction where laws may not be to the same degree of protection. Agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you agree to such transfers and use.

Subpoenas and Law

We will comply with government and law enforcement requests to review information regarding security, safety, and morality.


This Privacy Policy is effective as of August 1st, 2017 and will remain effective well into the future. Any new changes to our Privacy Policy are effective immediately with or without notice. You should check our Privacy Policy periodically.