Terms and Conditions


Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before using or signing up for Wallions the service operated by Wallions (“us”, “our”, “we”, “team”, “crew”, “staff”, or “wallions”).

Our service can only be accessed at “wallions.com” website. By using our service you agree to abide by our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Community Guidelines, and Quality Standards.

If you do not accept any parts of the terms and conditions then do not access or use our service.


Our service allows users to post content in image form, text form, and links. You are responsible for the content you post. If any content that is shared violates our Term & Conditions, Community Guidelines, and Quality Standards that will result in removal (with or without notice) of illegal content and risk termination.

By sharing content you own or contain the rights to, you agree to share your property freely without any restrictions. You agree that others may download, re-upload, share, use, distribute, replicate, modify, and do otherwise with your own property. Wallions does NOT own content you share or distribute, you are the sole owner of what you share.

You should not share content that you do not own or contain the rights to. Everything that is shared, you should be the owner of or contain the rights to freely share.

External and third party links that are shared on our service that exit our service are not owned or controlled by Wallions. We assume no responsibility for external links that may or may not be malicious due lack of control of external services outside of Wallions. When proceeding with links external of Wallions please proceed with caution. By Viewing external links outside of our service you agree that you are responsible and liable for your own actions.


Content that contains semi-nude, partially nude, fully nude, pornography, sexual, hentai, violent, gore, hateful, unlawful are NOT allowed. Posting any content to our service with any of the regarded restrictions will result in immediate termination of your service.

Do not share any screenshots, promotional material, watermarked material, and advertisements. This will be removed and your account may be restricted from future posting. If user continues to post material in the regard above then account may result in termination.

Provide accurate and up-to-date information regarding your identity such as name, email, and other information. Do not impersonate others.

Do not replicate the look and feel of our service such as design, code, guidelines, or other. Do not modify our service or interfere with our service in any way, shape, or form. Do not attempt to block or disturb operations of service. Do not try to breach or break security or reverse engineer our service. If you discover a bug or a hole in our security please report it to us immediately.

Users & Accounts

Your account is only your account and is not meant to be shared with anyone else. You should keep all your private info to yourself such as your email and your password. Do not share any information regarding your password with anymore.

By signing up you agree to have all up-to-date info, respect other users and not cause havoc, and keep your password safe and to yourself. By being a Wallions user you gain many benefits such as Uploading, Favorites, Commenting, Notifications, and much more.

Do not harass, bully, abuse, spam, attack, or cause any harm to other users. Treat everyone kindly and respectfully. Otherwise your account may result in termination of our service.

Copyright & Usage

Wallions does NOT own any content posted by anyone. All content belongs to their respective owners. All content should be your own or contain the rights to the content posted.

We honor and respect all property of their rightful owners and we try our best to moderate what is shared. However sometimes copyrighted content is shared and we do our best to respond to all concerns regarding issues and takedowns.

If you are the owner or rights holder of wrongfully shared property then please contact us ASAP using our copyright form found at the link below. We will get back to you within 24 hours or less and resolve the situation. Please include any and all links to your work in the message submitted. Copyright cases rarely occur here at Wallions but when they do we quickly and respectfully resolve the issue.


At anytime (with or without notice) we may terminate your account if we determine that you have violated any terms and conditions, community guidelines, and quality standards. When your account is terminated all your user data, favorites, posts, and comments are deleted and are non-reversible. If you wish to terminate your account please refer to your settings and click “delete account”.


We may change our terms and conditions at any time with or without notice. All changes to our terms of service are effective immediately. Terms and conditions changes are to protect users but not subject to only protect users only but the service provided to users. By continuing to use Wallions, you agree to all new and future revisions of terms and conditions. If you do not agree to our terms and conditions then please stop using Wallions and terminate your account.